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What motivates us?

Our team at Webonise is aware of the critical issue we face regarding water on our planet. We’re an experienced group of individuals striving to use technology as a medium for everyone to be able to save water and money simultaneously.

Webonise will provide customers with a powerful digital platform that processes satellite and geospatial imagery (along with weather data) using hydrology-based algorithms. This will provide customers vital insights on the natural flow of water (in a self-determined area), in order to understand where the best areas to collect water are, which are also known as arrest points. Similarly insights can be obtained to assess risk for areas with high value infrastructure like Mobile Towers, Flyovers, Roads, Oil wells, etc. in case of a water flooding situation.

It is our endeavour to address the entire spectrum of water concerns from drought to floods and conservation to regulation. This specific product will allow people to take control of managing the precious resource that is water, on their own property or land. This is a REAL solution for water analysis that does not take years to build or cost countless tax dollars to construct based on REAL data.

What is the goal?

There are many satellite imagery companies out there today. However, none of them tend to have a strong focus on water. Why is water important? Water makes up the majority of our planet, 70 percent! Water health and the impacts that water has effects each and every one of us. H2Observer is the tool to connect you with past and present water imagery and analysis.

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Rob KatzCEO
Rich DavisCTO
Mazhar KhanAVP
Erin CummingsCreative Director

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