Risk Assessment

Know the water-related risk and threat to your high-value infrastructure. Your high value assets (oil wells, mobile towers, golf courses, highways, landscapes, etc.) are under threat when it comes to water damage. Whether it’s flooding of a nearby river, an incoming storm, or water accumulation due to an above average rainfall, H2Observer’s Risk Assessment application gives you a consolidated view of all water-related threats arising that pose a risk to your high value assets.

Water Collection

Know the best areas to collect water and perform a ‘what-if’ analysis to get the optimized solutions. Water collection can be extremely complex; physical features such as topography, terrain, weather, rain, and soil water retention all need to be considered while deciding where and how much water is safe to store. H2Observer’s Water Collection application empowers you to make the right decision by not only considering the above-mentioned concerns, but because it provides the ability to change the observer parameters and check how they might affect the overall water collection in various ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Irrigation Planning

Know the best way to keep your farms and landscapes irrigated with minimal water usage. H2Observer allows you to make informed decisions about which equipment would be best to use for water collection and storage based on natural flow and water accumulation data of your land.

Coastal Erosion

Coming Soon

Know important and predicted changes in coastlines over the coming years and extrapolate future effects of weather, water, and climate on coastal regions.


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