How it works

Identify your area of interest

Use our map utility feature to identify your area of interest. You can also give it a name and save for future use.

Browse satellite images for your Area of Interest

Browse before you buy. Choose imagery from the some of the world’s best satellites and various sensor platforms.

Choose an Application to run on your Area of Interest

Select an algorithm to apply to your selected Area of Interest to begin the H2Observer analysis. We have a variety of powerful hydraulics, hydrology, topography, and weather algorithms that are able to run in the background of your Area of Interest selection, to turn complex data into easily digestible intelligence.

Work out the best solution on the Analysis Playground

As soon as the algorithms are chosen and applied, the Analysis Playground is visible. With the Analysis Playground, you can conduct ‘what-if’ style exercises on the chosen Area of Interest’s data set to determine the optimal solution and algorithm.


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